July 4th 2019 - Experience Chain "XPC" Association foundation

In Riva del Garda - Italy - on July 4th 2019 the "EXPERIENCE CHAIN ASSOCIATION"  was created with the aim of promoting the adoption and development of blockchain technology.

XPC 2.0 - Blockchain development

The Experience Chain Association is supporting the upgrade and development of the XPC blockchain.

XPC Association HUB

One of the aims of XPC Association is to promote development and sinergies in the blockchain field in cooperation with other organizations and companies

The XPchain association

The XPC Association was created with the aim of promoting adoption and development of blockchain technology.
The legal form of the Association allows collaboration with other legal entities such as universities, foundations, companies and other associations. 
The Association was created on July 4th 2019 in Riva del Garda (Italy) but we cannot forget the communities that allowed the project to take the first steps: the Japanese community, the Korean community and all those who collaborated in the rest of the Globe in the true style of decentralized collaboration.
The Association will be active in the development of the Blockchain with the aim of offering services to its members and third parties.
The Association currently has some partnerships with companies that from time to time will be indicated in the appropriate section of the website.


XPC Association board

Due to the lack of legal representation (caused by the closure of the Japanese XPC Association) it was decided to establish a new association in order to have a legal representation that could help the development of the XPC blockchain and beyond. 
The Association was founded by some members of the Xpc Team and the identities were verified by the Revenue Office of Riva del Garda in Italy, below are the names, roles and photographs of the board members.
This places our project in the narrow circle of those projects that are verified by public organizations.

dario rob

Founder and President

WonKYU Arnold CHO

Founder and Vice President

MAssimiliano merzi

Founder and Chief Administrative Officer


Founder and Chief Information Officer

XPC 2.0 - Development

The XPC Association developers are now working on the upgrade of our blockchain that will use the Bitcoin Core adapted to support the stacking activitiy plus a masternode tier system.
We are aiming to release the new blockchain in the last months of 2019 / early months 2020 and we will release the first servicies during the year 2020.
We are not only aiming to upgrade the present blockchain but we are aiming to develop APIs that can be used by students and developers to use the blockchain for studies and work opportunities. In this way we will have in future more and more people interested in our project.

Our projects are available on GitHub and we welcome all the people that are interested in helping and collaborate with us to develop and improve the XPC Blockchain project.
If you are a blockchain developer we invite you to join us in our english Discord channel.
In future you will see more and more improvements in the XPC ecosyste,
more information will be available after the release of XPC 2.0 on the Xpc Blockchain dedicated website.


This section is dedicated to our Partners, we will keep update this space adding new organization that are cooperating with us and that are implementing our blockchain in use cases.

XPC and Education

We support educational projects. The XPC blockchain is used by CHAINEDU in their blockchain related projects. The XPC Association will release API's that students and developers can use to develop blockchain related apps.

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